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We are so excited to be gathering together again as a church!

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Here are 11 Things You Need to Know for Gathering In-Person on Sunday:

1 – Please register everyone in your cohort in one registration (this greatly helps us with seating arrangements.)

2 – If you or any family members have symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat) we kindly request that you do not attend the service. If you have a high-risk medical condition and choose to attend, please take necessary precautions.

3 – Please maintain social spacing of 2m at all times (auditorium is set up with 2m space between seats & cohort groups).

4 - To comply with government guidelines for places of worship, we ask that those intending to participate in the singing portion of the service to please wear a face mask.

5 - Please - no hugs or handshakes; smiles & waves are great.

6 - Clean &/or sanitize your hands frequently.

7 – Please limit bathroom use. (Adult washrooms are in west wing only; washrooms in the back of the building are designated for children’s use only).

8 – West entrance doors are for those in the auditorium/lobby only.

9 – To comply with government guidelines for places of worship, we ask that you please exit the building promptly at the end of the service to minimize mingling inside.

10 – If you are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket to allow our wait-list to attend.

11 - Services will still be available online if you are unable to attend.


Children Info:

Our teams are working to create a healthy & fun environment for the kids, a couple things will be different, here's what to expect.

1 - Please reserve a ticket for each member of your family for the room where they attend. (We have limited space in children's classrooms available.)

2 - Please enter the Children's Wing of the building from the front South or back North doors only. We ask that children in classes to not enter the West Wing of the building.

3 – Before you arrive please check your child’s temperature.

4 - Please have the same parent do pickup/drop off.

5 - Classrooms will be considered cohorts (according to the guidelines for Daycamps) & no snacks will be served.

6 - Babies under age 2 will need to stay with their parents in the parents room.

Please remember that AHS protocols are still in place for our safety & health. While we are doing everything possible to provide a safe environment, it is understood that anyone attending a live service is doing so at their own risk.