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Unveiling Team Training Night: The 4W's Decoded!

Ready to embark on an epic journey into the heart of City Life Team? Buckle up, because we're about to break down the 4W's of Team Training Night!

WHO is this for? it's for YOU! All volunteers in any area of Church life - team members, team leads, new to team, small group leaders, those in ‘1st Serve’ process, or wanting to join team.

WHAT’s on the agenda for this night? worship, short training from our pastors & some extended time to connect with your team in smaller groups.

WHY are we doing this? To unite us; to be encouraged; to be equipped so we become better at understanding people and serving others. Great sports teams are coached so they can improve & win; Great church teams need coaching so we can win hearts to Jesus.

WHEN is the magic happening, you ask? Tuesday May 28th / 7:00pm / City Life Church

In Conclusion:

And there you have it, the 4W's of Team Training Night decoded and ready for action! We want to learn how to lead well, do church well, and strengthen our unity as a TEAM, so that we can see the Church strong and healthy as we lead people to Jesus.


*Please note: childcare is available for kids ages 6 months to 8 years old, however they must be registered before hand as we have limited spaces available. Registration available at

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