"Who is Jesus?"

God in the flesh. Savior King. Messiah. The One who loves you so much He died, rose again & made possible a brand new reality of freedom, hope & new beginnings. He's the Hero of The Story. Here's a short video explaining more.
"I want to follow Jesus."
So, what do I do?

Talking with God is a great place to start. And if you’re looking for some language on how you talk to Someone you can’t really see or hear, here are some words to get you started...

“Father God, You created me to be a reflection of You to the world. I accept that privilege and responsibility. Jesus, I believe Your death and resurrection brought about new creation life, and I step into that reality today. You say that I am free and forgiven, that You’ve made me brand new—and even if I don’t see it yet, I put my trust in You, that I am who You say I am. Holy Spirit, I trust that You’re with me, empowering me, to discover and live out my place in The Story. Thank You God, for loving me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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"Let the good news, the story you have heard from the beginning of your journey, live in and take hold of you. If that happens and you focus on the good news, then you will always remain in a relationship with the Son and the Father." - 1 John 2:24 The Voice

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What is following Jesus really all about?