I’ve never fasted before. Where do I start?

Pick a fast that will challenge you and cause you to rely on God, but also work within your life. Like any spiritual practice, fasting takes faith. Have an expectant heart that God is going to do something remarkable during your fast. 

Is one type of fast more spiritual than another?


What do I do on a fast?

Set aside daily time to draw near to God, read your Bible, pray, worship, sit quietly. If you’re fasting food – instead of eating, use that time to read your Bible; when the hunger pains happen, pray. If you’re fasting activities – use that time to spend time with God. You might want to journal thoughts, prayers or scriptures that are meaningful to you during your fast.  

What if I have health issues – can I still fast?

Yes – but it’s wise to fast something other than food, such as activities, entertainment, etc.

What happens if I have a weak moment and mess up on my fast?

Don’t get discouraged; just get back into the fasting routine you committed to at the beginning and keep going. 

What happens if I feel overwhelmed during my fast?

If you’re fasting food, your body is physical adapting – it’s getting rid of toxins (ie: sugar) and it’s normal to experience headaches or digestive discomfort for a few days; it will pass.When God is working on our heart, it can feel intense; we start to see issues we haven’t seen before, but God is bringing to our awareness so He can heal and renew.  

It seems like all hell broke loose since I started fasting!

Again – normal. You have an enemy who doesn’t want you to get breakthrough or have a deeper relationship with God. Continue to draw near to God and trust Him; He is your safe-place (Psalm 61:3). 

What happens if I don’t feel like anything significant happened during my fast?

God is working even when we don’t feelsomething profound. Sometimes we see the results weeks or months afterwe’ve fasted. Continue to stand in faith after your fast, believing the breakthrough you desired is coming.  

How do I break my fast?

If you’ve been fasting food – add your normal diet foods back in slowly. You might find activities you fasted don’t hold the same appeal. Be sensitive to how God would lead; there may be elements of your fast He wants you to continue long-term.