New to Jesus or new to City Life?

Our mission is to help you discover God's Bigger Story and the role your story plays in it. The Next Steps Track is the place to start. And even if you're not a newbie, Next Steps is the front door to church life.

Currently, the Next Steps Track is available ONLINE, click the link below to get started. 


Start the Next Steps Track I want to get Baptized
Track 101 - Belong

Get to KNOW YOUR CHURCH - Our lead pastors share the City Life Story and talk about the culture that makes City Life unique. 

Track 201 - Follow

Get to KNOW YOUR GOD, the Big Story, and learn some essentials for your spiritual journey.

Track 301 - Discover

Get to KNOW YOURSELF - Discover your personality, gifts and passions, and find out how your design points to your purpose.

Track 401 - Contribute

Get to KNOW YOUR PURPOSE by connecting to opportunities at City Life where you can practise your gifts and discover your passion as you serve others.