this is where it gets fun.

To follow Jesus is to follow the One who is selfless...which means we become more and more like Him. Which means we become what He is – a servant. This is our heartbeat as a church – to be servants both inside church life and outside as the church extended into daily life. We want to make a difference in the lives of others to make the world a better place.

Anyone can serve. We want to help you find a great fit.*

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If you've completed the Next Steps Track, sign up for a "1st Serve" to try out a team (or few).

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*At City Life, we welcome and encourage everyone to serve. However, there are certain areas and roles that hold different requirements for people in leadership or positions of influence and/or teaching. These roles include pastor, grow group leader, CLY (youth) leader, Voltage & Pre-School teacher, worship leader, and team directors. Please refer to our Pastoral Statements regarding certain topics.

Pastoral Statements

"we all need a push."