Lead Pastors

Mike and Monica are the founding pastors of City Life Church. In 1992, they moved to Leduc with the vision of creating a church “for people who don’t do church”, alongside the talented and devoted team they’ve built.

Mike is a practical, tactical CrossFit junkie who loves to show how life with Jesus is relevant and fun. Monica is an empowering leader and powerful communicator, full of wisdom and artistic creativity.

Mike and Monica are real people, who just happen to have a really, really big family that gets together every week and celebrate their role in God’s Big Story. They live in Leduc, Alberta, and have three children – Samara, Kaelan, and his wife Serena.

Worship & Connection Pastors

Jeremy and Jen have been a part of City Life since 2006 and have elevated team culture with their infectious enthusiasm for life and passion for people. Having both been raised in strong Christ-centred families, their love for Jesus and desire to see healthy families is a key part of what makes them incredible pastors, friends, and role models.

Jeremy loves listening to and playing music, and his Edmonton Oilers. Jennifer loves fitness, family life, and one-on-one conversation. They have 4 children and live in Leduc, Alberta.

Executive & Family Pastors

JD and Joy both joined the City Life family as teenagers, growing into leadership in many different capacities over the years as they continue to build God's House and invest in people.

JD is the Family Pastor and oversees Kids Church and Visual Communications. He loves time with his family, movies and comic books. Joy is the Executive Pastor and gives input and wisdom into every team and department within City Life. She enjoys conversation and coffee.

JD and Joy live in Leduc, Alberta with their 3 children.