We want to help you discover your place in The Story.


And we aim to do that 4 ways:

We want to help you KNOW The Story

We believe there’s a True Story of the whole world and God’s plan to fix it. It can be summed up this way: Designed for good / Damaged by evil / Restored for better / Sent together to heal. We want to make sure you get to hear the good news of the amazing Story your life is connected to.

We want to help you GROW in The Story

There's a whole new way of being human that Jesus made possible. Life works best when we live this new way, but we don't automatically know how. It's a process. It's way more fun doing it together. 

We want to help you DISCOVER the unique way your story fits into The Story

We believe God has wired each of us in a beautiful, unique and meaningful way to make a difference in this world. We'd like to help you sort some of that out.

We want to help you find ways to CONTRIBUTE as you discover your place in God's Story

And the best way to do that: partnering together with God in His mission to heal, rescue and restore this broken world. This is what it means to be truly human.